• Service & Spare Parts

Service & Spare Parts


ReiCat supports you to operate your system failure-free and to accomplish maintenance and repairs with professionalism. It’s an important tool to avoid system failure and unforeseen problems and to ensure the highest efficiency of your system.

Our know-how not only concentrates to local service, but our international sales partners also guarantee world wide support.

Beside our personal on-site support your system can be controlled reliably by the use of electronic systems, e. g. remote control, which guarantees prompt service.


The aim of our team is to fulfil your spare part needs in a quick and unbureaucratical way.


  • supports you to indentify and purchase the requested parts,
  • assists you to deliver and control the spare parts and the appropriate documents and certificates,
  • provides information about inquiries of payment and delivery,
  • organises purchase of spare parts,
  • instructs a courier service.


Many common wearing parts can be shipped shortly.

Documentation is attached to each system, which ensures that all required information is right available to change the parts easily and quickly.


How to ensure the best efficiency of your system?

By the help of our professional service and competent maintenance.

This requires keeping the operating safety and availability of the system at the highest level.

Contact the maintenance service of the builder of your system – he will be your expert!

Our highly qualified personnel, who are involved in the project from the beginning, know your system perfectly to secure you highest reliability.

Contact us for further individual service and maintenance inquiries around your system.


ReiCat offers proper leak tests (sniffle tests or vacuum methods) on site. This can be combined with a yearly maintenance check or inspection of your system.

The leakage check is made non-destructive with modern, transportable helium leak test equipment up to a detection of 10E-8 (mbar l / sec).

Especially in the case of hydrogen units hydrogen can be used as a test medium instead of the common used helium.


Analysis of Waste Gas and Waste Air

Emissions in waste gas and waste air must be controlled metrological in a regular period.

This exact value is also necessary for construction of the waste gas system to be able to design adequately.

For our catalytic incineration and generative incineration systems we offer on site measurement by the help of our transportable measuring instruments or sample taking for exact analysis.

Gas analysis

ReiCat offers transportable measuring instruments to define the purification in technical gases. The detection of oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide etc. in the lower ppm range is the requirement for adequate construction of purification and/or recycling systems.


As a result of many delivered systems and our technologic know-how, ReiCat offers a large variety of service from feasibility studies and budgeting to detail engineering.

Our customers can take advantage of the high experience of our engineers. They can meet the customer’s needs exactly with the help of special design programs, state-of-the art CAD work stations as well as test and pilot plants.

Catalyst Recycling / Recovery

Almost in all industrial manufactured products precious metals are applied. The recycling and recovery of these materials are the requirement of an economical and ecological useful further processing of precious metals.

What is the process of recycling?

The precious metal will be split from the carrier in a parting work. Hereby, the exact value will be analysed and certified. While taking back the catalyst usually 97 % of the precious metal will be reimbursed to you.

Take advantage of the recycling process for your company and contribute to the environmental protection.

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