Produzione additiva sostenibile attraverso il riciclaggio dell'argon

Argonrecycling by ReiCat
Risparmi sui costi per la produzione additiva e la lavorazione delle polveri metalliche

In 3D printing, the additive manufacturing, all kinds of metal powder are processed. Whether its titanium, aluminium, iron, copper, cobalt or nickel basing alloys – inert gas atomisation for powder metallurgy won’t work without argon or nitrogen, sometimes helium.
Did you know, that it’s mostly argon too, that is needed for the further processing, plasma melting at inert gas atmosphere? Especially for metal powder atomisation argon is particular suitable.
As there are no natural reservoirs for argon in its pure form, this gas is even more precious. Therefore, an argon purification isn’t only essential for its production. This gas is contaminated during metal processing. Should we let the contaminated argon get into the atmosphere and just being wasted?
Our argon recycling systems do not only lead to a significant extent of environmental protection. Gaseous as well as solid contaminations are removed. ReiCat developed a closed loop for the inert gas supply. Remarkable: Up to 95% of the used inert gas argon can be recycled! Our systems have highest availability in long-term operation, a gas quality of 5.0 (99.999%) and higher is achieved. This way operating costs are directly reduced, an amortisation takes place within a short period.
ReiCat gas recycling units offer a save operation and actively renewed energy. -     here we‘ll answer your questions.

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