Minimizzare i costi nella produzione di prodotti chimici fini con il riciclaggio dell'H2

Idrogeno Riciclaggio Produzione chimica fine
Riciclaggio del gas H2 per la produzione di profumi e aromi

Green hydrogen stands for renewable energy, sooner rather than later. In chemical industry the smallest and lightest of all elements also plays a major role, as it is an essential source material. This including the manufacture of fine chemicals such as fragrances or flavours or basic and active ingredients for cosmetics.
ReiCat can optimize the operating costs essentially. The hydrogen used in processing can be recycled. ReiCat’s H2 recycling unit removes hydrocarbon compounds as well as CO, CO2 and humidity. Certainly, gas purities of more than 99.999% (> grade 5.0) are achieved. Our system works without losses (closed loop) and can simply be integrated into the existing gas supply concept. This means for our customers an immediate reduction of operating costs, more than 90 % of the used hydrogen is recycled. High availability and a short ROI: promote sustainability!
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