Il riciclaggio dell'idrogeno incontra la produzione di polvere di tungsteno

H<sub>2</sub>/Wasserstoff-Recycling, Wolframcarbid-Produktion
Risparmio sui costi e sostenibilità con il riciclaggio dell'idrogeno

Tungsten: This hard and heavy metal is the material of choice for many industries and manufacturing processes just as well as for the high-tech industry. Its high density is ideal for the use whereas it has to withstand extreme loads. As it has the highest melting point amongst metals it is perfectly suited for high temperature applications in aerospace and automotive industry as well as for energy technology and others.

During the production of the high-tech powder tungsten hydrogen can be involved. With the ReiCat hydrogen recycling system the contaminated gas is recovered. Our pictured system removes oxygen, dust and humidity from H2. Here up to 10,000 Nm³/h hydrogen are purified, the closed loop works 100 % without losses.

We enable a drastic reduction of hydrogen costs within the production process at a consistent gas quality and supply reliability. Our systems have a short return of invest and highest availability in continuous operation! They are individually designed according to customer needs. Find your application:  

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