Award: Use of innovative energy efficiency technology

ReiCat receives award for use of innovative engergy efficiency technology made in Germany

Within the framework of the energy technology export initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Energy and the Economy, AHK Italien organized a showcase on 8 May focused on some best-practice cases on the subject energy efficiency in industrial and commercial environments.

ReiCat received the award “use of innovative energy efficiency technology” made in Germany for its project waste air purification.

  Auszeichnung für ReiCat 

During the day the following projects were presented:

1) Enexio GmbH - Optimization of purification processes
2) ReiCat GmbH - Reduction of energy consumption and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere
3) Indyon GmbH - Optimization of intralogistics and energy saving processes
4) Efficient Energy GmbH - Radiant air conditioning at Industrial plant
5) Orcan Energy AG - Recovery of thermal waste from cogeneration
6) Bosch GmbH - Implementation of J-Village technical systems

The projects were selected by a technical jury composed of experts from the main organizations public and private sectors (ENEA, FIRE, R&P and TUV).

After visiting the production plant, a networking event took place at DICAF Spa (CN) to facilitate the exchange of experiences and opinions.

Learn more about ReiCat waste air purification at

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