Aumento delle capacità di elettrolisi

ReiCat Purificazione dell'idrogeno
ReiCat: Idrogeno da elettrolisi

The stricter climate targets make a faster switch to sustainable energy sources inevitable. Researches are running at full speed to produce hydrogen where it’s generated, where sufficient renewable energy is available. However, in order to compensate the fluctuations in the production of electricity form renewables, hydrogen production in Germany can help.
The Federal Government plans to increase electrolysis capacities to up to 5 gigawatts. This corresponds to about 200 times the current volume of green hydrogen produced in Germany.
The purification of hydrogen from power to gas applications is also a part of our core competency.
ReiCat’s solutions offer a safe production of pure gas, our technology is ideal for volatile current flows / volume flows. These units work in a closed circuit with no emissions and low energy consumption, they have a long lifetime as well as short amortisation period. A gas purity of better than 99.999 % is achieved, optionally 6.0 quality. Get more information: Contact - Englisch (

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