That’s a delicious smell – a pleasure with ReiCat’s Air Purification Solutions

Exhaust air purification system for coffee roasting


Hand on heart: many people associate the smell of freshly roasted coffee directly with the anticipation of enjoying a good cup of coffee. Well-being spreads. But who has ever had the "pleasure" of getting a breath of the exhaust air of a coffee roasting process? There aren’t necessarily positive emotions attached to that.

Admittedly, in rather remote or designated industrial areas this is a rather negligible side effect. But there are also coffee roasters in urban areas, ranging from small shop roasters to large industrial-scale operations. One does prefer to avoid trouble with neighbours or authorities. In any case, it is important to comply with the given legal limits (e. g. TA-Luft). So, in addition to smoke and odour neutralisation, the reduction of emission is the most important factor.

Our exhaust air purification systems guarantee maximum purification performance with minimum energy input. Easy implementation in existing processes and the small footprint complete the portfolio.

The picture shows an option of our ReiCat Industrial systems: the ReiCat Industrial 5000 is suitable for roasting systems with an exhaust air volume of up to 5,000 Nm³/h. This system is equipped with a chimney and a deflector hood. This system is equipped with a chimney and a deflector bonnet. In addition, a T-piece provides access to the measuring points.

Of course, with our modularly adaptable standard models, we also offer solutions for many other exhaust air volumes and roaster sizes. Intrigued?

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