Stay flexible: Highest gas quality even at low volume flows

ReiCat-HighFlex H2® Gas Purification
ReiCat's HighFlex H2® Gas Purification


To meet the growing demand for hydrogen, the number of power-to-gas projects is also rising steadily. Especially in the field of renewable, green energies, however, one has to deal with strongly fluctuating energy supplies and sometimes very low volume flows.

Achieving a consistently high gas quality with the appropriate Gas Purification is no easy undertaking. With standard purification systems, the limit is approx. 40% of the maximum volume flow in order not to risk any loss of quality of the purified gas.

However, with the development of the ReiCat HighFlex H2® Gas Purification System, it is possible to guarantee the desired hydrogen quality (> 99.999%) even with such low flow rates as only 10% of the maximum volume. In exceptional cases, this can even be realised with an even lower flow rate.

This plant, which is currently under construction, is designed for a capacity of 12.5 - 250 Nm³h. The closed-loop design minimises H2 losses during regeneration. The ReiCat HighFlex H2® Purification System is further characterised by low energy consumption. Our compact design, here with a small footprint of about 3.5 m² and a height of less than. 2.5 m, makes the system very easy to implement into the desired application.

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