Reliable: Further ReiCat CO2 Purification System for CO2 Liquefaction

CO2 Purification for CO2 Liquefaction

We are glad to see that the next CO2 Purification Plant from ReiCat is ready for delivery. Our system with a capacity of 3000 Nm³/h purifies natural carbon dioxide by means of our proven CatOx process. The particularly energy-efficient purification is designed for a smooth, fully automatic continuous operation for the removal of hydrocarbons.

The catalytic reactor converts the hydrocarbons into CO2 and moisture, a sulfur guard bed avoids poisoning of the catalyst. The oxygen required for oxidation is added or adjusted after this "police filter" depending on the hydrocarbon quantity.

Two heat exchangers are connected in series. Only when required, the gas is heated to process temperature for the catalytic reaction. Due to the exothermic oxidation, the outlet temperature increases depending on the hydrocarbon concentration. The resulting energy is used to heat the process gas by means of heat recovery in the gas-gas heat exchanger. Normally, the hydrocarbon amount is sufficient and the plant runs without additional energy (autothermal) after start up.

In the present case, specifically the impurities methane, ethane, propane and decane are reduced. Pre-assembled with dimensions of approx. 7.8 x 2.4 x 3.4 m, the plant will be used for inside installation in Southeast Europe.

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