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Cost reduction by Hydrogen Recycling


The National Hydrogen Council (NWR) assumes an H2 demand of 964-1,364 TWh/year in Germany by 2025. In a global context, the annual trading volume for hydrogen is estimated to exceed 2,500 billion US dollars by 2050 (source: DWV, HyGuide).

Green hydrogen used in energy-intensive production processes plays an increasingly important role, in minimizing industrial CO2 emissions. These are often processes in which the hydrogen is not consumed but merely contaminated, for example in metal powder production. It’s precisely these applications, that we offer hydrogen recycling systems that minimize costs and CO2 emissions, as well.

Our proven H2 Recycling Experience for tungsten powder production enables the recycling of the utilized and contaminated hydrogen. The ReiCat Hydrogen Recycling Systems remove O2, H2O, and dust from the contaminated H2. Our closed drying circles (ReiCat closed-loop technology) work without losses. Our systems can process up to 10,000 Nm³/h of hydrogen.

This not only drastically reduces hydrogen consumption in the processing procedure. We offer an ensured gas supply with consistent quality and maximum availability in continuous operation. The system is designed individually according to customer specifications. Some of our Hydrogen Recycling Systems pay for themselves after just two months.

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