Reduction of CO2 footprint with helium recycling for PAM

He-Recycling PAM - Lichtbogenschmelzen für Metallverarbeitung
ReiCat Helium Recycling für PAM

Reduction of CO2 footprint and cost reduction for process metallurgy with ReiCat helium recycling PAM

Our helium recycling plant for the area of Plasma Arc Melting removes all kinds of contaminations: beside dust, oil and chlorine removal, hydrogen is converted, in a latter step nitrogen and oxygen are taken out. Finally, our system even upgrades helium from 4.0 to 6.0 (99.9999%) grade. The closed system avoids any emission. The ReiCat gas recycling system works with a redundant online gas analysis for O2, N2, Cl2 and H2O. Amortisation takes place within a very short period. Find out more at and get in touch.

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