Reducing operating costs for iron treatment in metallurgy

Heliumrecycling für die Metallverarbeitung
ReiCat helium recycling for high-pressure gas quenching


Metallurgy often relies on nitrogen for gas quenching. However, if a high quenching rate is required, helium is the agent of choice. Helium is used for clean and reliable high-pressure gas quenching, especially for steel with a high degree and where minor dimensional & shape changes are a condition. The topic of environmental protection (#circulareconomy) is also playing an increasingly important role.

The ReiCat system for Helium Recycling in the picture has a capacity of 400 Nm³/h. The small space requirement - less than 3 m² there - simplifies implementation in the existing gas supply on site. It is remarkable that here, too, more than 95% of the helium required can be recovered. Impurities such as O2 and moisture are removed, ensuring the required high degree of gas purity. Operating costs are directly reduced. Our proven system offers maximum availability in continuous operation. Shortest amortisation times make the system pay off quickly.

ReiCat Gas Recycling offers safe operation and actively renewed energy. Here we’ll answer your questions.

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