Purified exhaust air in PET production

ReiCat's Waste Air Purification Systems for PET production


Polyethylene terephthalate - better known as PET, plays a role primarily in the production of plastic bottles as well as films for the packaging industry or fibers for textile production. The emissions generated during the production of this thermoplastic material, during polycondensation, also have to be cleaned.

In this field ReiCat exhaust air purification systems have been successfully used for many years: TOC's, CO and Nox are reduced according to specific requirements. We offer exhaust air and exhaust gas cleaning systems for indoor as well as for outdoor installation.

The unit shown is an exhaust air purification system with a volume of about 3.500 Nm³/h. It was installed outdoors with dimensions of approx. 6.3 x 5 x 6.8 m (LxWxH).

Are you interested in our exhaust air and waste gas purification systems? You can find initial information at https://www.reicat.de/en/waste-air-waste-gas-purification.html or write to us directly at info@reicat.de.

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