Purification of noble gas for on-site gas supply

KrXe purification for air separation

Many industrial sites are using air separation plants for their on-site gas supply. That way large amounts of nitrogen and oxygen are supplied to metal industry, steel production, petrochemical industry, food industry, semiconductor production, plastic production and many more. After separation of the various gases these are filled into tanks in liquid form for further purposes.
Noble gases like argon, krypton and xenon are separated in another step. The latter are especially precious due to their use as inert gas in lamp production. But first some contaminations have to be removed.
Our pictured gas purification plant removes methane & and nitrous oxide from krypton/xenon in oxygen at a capacity of max. 480 Nm³/h and 9 bar. This way CH4 with up to 3500 ppm and N2O up to 80 ppm are removed to <1 ppmv! Learn more: https://www.reicat.de/en/gas-purification.html

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