Professional preparations: Neon-Helium Purification for Neon Liquefaction

Hydrogen removal from neon-helium gas mixture


Neon, an important component for chip and semiconductor production. Countless industries are affected. Just when supply chains seemed to be recovering from the effects of the global pandemic, half of the world's neon production was disrupted by the Ukraine war.

Our He/Ne purification plant will be part of a neon liquefaction plant in the US. This Gas Purification Unit removes hydrogen from a raw gas mixture consisting of nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and last but not least helium and neon. The reactor is designed for a gas flow of 35 Nm³/h 40 bar(a), the hydrogen is reduced to < 1 ppmv. Further included is a trace heating system, the unit is adapted for outdoor installation

Before the next ReiCat Gas Purification System was set out on its journey, there were some preparations to be made. Here, the helium leakage test and certification according to required standards were carried out first.

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