Production of Helium with ReiCat Gas Purification

Avoid Helium losses and emissions


The transport is almost ready and will leave the manufacturing in the next few days: Now one of our larger Gas Purification Plants is about on its way to the site. We are pleased that this Helium Purification Unit will help to drive helium production.

This ReiCat Gas Purification Unit has a 9,000 Nm³/h volume and removes oxygen, moisture, and hydrogen. Our purification process avoids helium losses and corresponding emissions. This unit is particularly impressive due to its size and is used in the outdoor area according to ASME standards.

As one of the rarest elements on earth, helium is mainly extracted from natural gas. Considering the particular scarcity of this resource, it should be mentioned that the ReiCat portfolio also includes the area of Helium Recycling Systems in addition to Helium Purification Units.

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