Keep smiling with ReiCat’s Waste Gas Purification

ReiCat Waste Air Purification Food & Beverage Industry
Exhaust air purification for propellant gas filling


They can be found in many households, and it’s hard to imagine gastronomy and confectionery or patisserie without them: pressurized gas cylinders for whipped cream or - especially in professional kitchens - for flavouring or making espumas, desserts, sauces and many more. Those small steel capsules are filled with pure N2O, Nitrous oxide - colloquially known as laughing gas.

Any gas escaping during the production or filling of these pressurized gas cylinders is extracted directly from the filling machines. Before this exhaust gas is emitted in an uncontrolled manner, the ReiCat Exhaust Purification System comes into action. By means of a blower, the N2O is fed into the catalytic exhaust air purification system. Here, the exhaust gas is purified and the nitrous oxide is decomposed, thus fulfilling the requirements of air pollution control. The implemented heat recovery ensures the highest possible energy efficiency.

The system shown has a capacity of up to 1600 Nm³/h. The small footprint (approx. 4 m²) allows easy implementation by the customer. This ReiCat Waste Gas Purification System is designed for outdoor installation and is provided with a deflector bonnet fitting the exhaust air pipe. Learn more:

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