In fact, everyone starts the day with Argon

Argon recycling for silicon production - cost reductions and sustainable environmental protection


Semiconductors = photovoltaics. Yes, but not exclusively.

While semiconductor production for solar cells undisputedly accounts for a large part of this industry, we really encounter semiconductors everywhere in the course of the day: Already in the morning while enjoying the first cup of coffee and following the news from the radio, one also can’t imagine the way to work without numerous electronics in the car. Whether as a SIM card in our smartphone or as chip cards: semiconductors accompany us unconsciously through our daily routine.

To produce the most important semiconductor material silicon large amounts of valuable argon are necessary, which is often emitted to the atmosphere.

Our argon recycling plants mean that more than 90 % of the argon is recovered. The systems are redundant for continuous gas supply and offer a gas quality of better than 5,0 (> 99.999 %). The fully automatic operation with 24/7 remote date monitoring controls the required gas quality. A direct saving of operating costs is achieved within very short amortization times – sustainable environmental protection made easy!

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