HighFlex H2® ensures consistent quality

ReiCat-HighFlex H2®-Gasreinigung
Advantage of HighFlex H2® Purification by ReiCat


Decades of extensive experience in the field of hydrogen purification made the development of ReiCat HighFlex H2® Purification possible. This way it’s feasible to successfully face the adversities of green energies as well. In this area, one has to deal with very strongly fluctuating and low volume flows.

Conventional gas purification systems cannot provide the desired consistently high gas quality at these weak current strengths that occur in the Power-to-Gas segment.

This task is no problem for the ReiCat Hydrogen Purification System HighFlex H2® even at only around 10% of the usual volume flow. For the application, this means an optimal gas quality of > 5.0 / 99.999%. In individual cases, even lower flow rates are doable.

One also benefits from Closed-Loop regeneration, low to zero emissions, and minimum hydrogen losses. The compact design enables precise integration into the specific gas supply concept. The HighFlex H2® Purification System is characterised by a small footprint.

Further advantages are, apart from the minimal maintenance effort (no rotating parts), maximum availability at low running costs. In addition to compliance with SAE J2719 (H2 for Mobility), ReiCat offers the option to purify up to 99.9999% (grade 6.0).

For more information on ReiCat's gas purification systems, click here: https://www.reicat.de/en/hydrogen-purifcation.html

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