Growing potential for fuel cells

H2-Reinigung 6 Nm³/hfür Wasserstoff-Tankstelle 6 Nm³/h
hydrogen purification solution fits H2 filling station


The need for H2 filling stations is growing steadily. Since June 2021 there are 92 hydrogen filling station in Germany (source: Others are in the test run or in preparation for commissioning. This puts Germany on 1st place in Europe regarding the number of hydrogen stations. Especially for trucks, the fuel cell has a high potential as a drive means of choice. Until the environmentally friendly gas finds its way into the tank, the hydrogen must be processed by means of gas purification systems. The pictured ReiCat H2 purification unit fits the application of hydrogen filling stations. This way the produced hydrogen is purified on site and fits the smallest space requirement. Any questions about the process or interest in the system? or get in touch directly

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