Germany becomes hydrogen country

ReiCat H2 purification for power to gas applications

The decision for the new Technology and Innovation Centre "Hydrogen Technology for Mobility Applications” did not fall on the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. In result of the proclaimed competition the HIC Chemnitz, the WTAZ Pfeffenhausen as well as the  TIW Duisburg carry out feasibility studies for implementation. On this base the final location will be chosen and receive the funding. Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Stade receive further support for a joint investigation into aviation and maritime transport. (Source: BMVI - Deutschland wird Wasserstoffland) The Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure stressed that Germany will become a hydrogen country.
ReiCat GmbH as well continues to be highly active in the field of hydrogen. Besides hydrogen purification for power to gas from PEM electrolysis we also support with H2 purification systems for alkaline water electrolysis, SOEC or chlorine electrolysis. These ideal purification solutions operate without losses, free of emissions in a closed loop. Volatile current flows are met with our high flex technology. Gas purifies higher than 99.999 % and more are possible for various applications. Get in touch: Gas Purification - Englisch (

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