From plan to implementation: Oxygen Purification with ReiCat

Oxygen Purification by ReiCat
Oxygen Purification

Another gas purification plant from ReiCat will be delivered soon: This Oxygen Purification System is used to obtain Krypton and Xenon. CO2 is reduced to < 2 vpm and the impurities CH4 and N2O are even reduced to 1 vpm. The design is for the volume of 1,000 Nm³/h. The unit has a footprint of about 20 m² with a height of about 5 m and will be used indoors.

Of course, all guidelines and regulations applicable to the field of O2 purification are observed. ReiCat offers lots of experience and know how to its customers.

Further information on our gas purification systems can be found here:

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