Exhaust Air Purification for Tool Manufacturing

Exhaust Air Purification for Tool Manufacturing

The areas of application for metal coating are wide-ranging. Tool production also relies on painting and coating. When the various paints and thinners are mixed in centrifuges, solvents evaporate. This exhaust air is polluted with VOCs of > 2 g/m³ in the form of xylene, N-butyl acetate and ethylbenzene.

The ReiCat exhaust air purification reliably purifies to ≤ 50 mg/Nm³ VOC in accordance with environmental legislations. At the same time, the best possible energy efficiency is ensured by the implemented heat recovery. It is equipped with various safety devices and the lower explosion limit is monitored. This prevents the creation of an explosive atmosphere. The control cabinet is equipped with visual signals accordingly.

Our Catalytic Exhaust Air Purification System is installed indoor and has a capacity of 300 Nm³/h. The space requirement is < 4 m².

You’re interested? Find more information at: https://www.reicat.de/en/waste-air-waste-gas-purification.html or get in touch at https://www.reicat.de/en/contact.html

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