Change from grey to green? The easy way to more sustainability.

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Hydrogen Recycling


The production of hydrogen to reduce industrial CO2 emissions occupies many minds. Whether it is the energy-intensive steel production or special chemical production processes: a climate-friendly production using green hydrogen is the declared goal.

In many industrial sectors, the use of hydrogen has long been common and indispensable: for the production of fine chemicals, nitrogen and fertilizers, as a protective gas in glass or metal industry, for hardening in food production... This list could go on. That’s why the focus in this case is on the change from grey to green hydrogen. The demand continues to rise.

Of particular interest is that in some procedures the hydrogen is not actually consumed, but for the most part merely polluted.

This means that the use of a Gas Recycling Unit not only offers the possibility of almost switching to "green". The operating costs can be reduced extremely and the contaminated H2 can be recovered. 

For example, a ReiCat H2 Recycling System is in place for the production of fragrances & flavours. It removes CO, CO2, moisture and hydrocarbon compounds. We reliably achieve a gas purity of >99.999%, >grade 5. Our closed-loop technology enables operation without losses. More than 90% of the contaminated hydrogen is recovered.

In addition to the high availability, the customer benefits not only from the associated high cost reduction, but also from a short ROI.

Change from grey to green? Not quite.
Sustainable? Definitely!

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