Challenging: Production of high-quality oxygen

Did you know that more than half of the pure Oxygen produced is used primarily in the metal and steel industries? Large quantities are also used for Methanol and Ethylene Oxide production as synthesis gas, to name just a few applications. Above all, technical and medical O2 must be of particularly high quality (usually > 99.5%).

Although the vital oxygen as a component of the air with about one fifth surrounds us quite naturally every second, its extraction is only possible with the help of membrane or PSA plants and air separation plants. It is known that the components Argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen are separated. The further utilization of the individual gases, however, bares a somewhat more specialized task: a reliable Gas Purification. In addition to the valuable Argon, this also includes the noble gases Krypton and Xenon and, last but not least, Oxygen itself.

Especially for the area of O2 Purification special guidelines and regulations apply! Among other things, it is also necessary to exclude a special danger potential.

ReiCat is proud of its experience in Oxygen Purification. The customer takes advantage of our large Know How.

Presently ongoing is the manufacturing of an Oxygen Purification Unit for a volume of 1.000 Nm³/h. Krypton and Xenon are purified, CO2 is reduced to < 2vpm and impurities CH4 and N2O are reduced to 1 vppm. Our unique O2 Purification System will occupy an area of approx. 20 m² and reach a height of a about 5 m, the installation is going to be indoors. Learn more today:

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