Bubbling refreshment thanks to CO2 purification

CO2 in food grade quality thanks to CO2 purification by ReiCat
CO2 in food grade quality thanks to CO2 purification by ReiCat

Carbonic acid is found everywhere these days: it’s used as propellant gas for care products like deodorants or in fire extinguishers. It’s found as cooling agent in plastics or food industry, it’s an important component of sterile packaging and also used for the treatment of waste water.
Most common though is carbonic acid as the bubbly in carbonated water or soft drinks. The main customer of CO2 is the food and beverage industry. Often a soda maker is found at home.
Natural carbonic acid – in volcanic areas is rises through the soil to the surface, after connection with deep water it can be gained as natural mineral water.
Besides this the industrial winning has a major role. The side product CO2 is found after fermentation processes or of chemical production processes like fertilizer production to name one. 

All kinds of CO2 winning join in the need for CO2 treatment. Use of CO2 for the beverage industry? CO2 in food quality. ReiCat can also do that: our CO2 purification systems offer the perfect solution for any application! Talk to us: https://www.reicat.de/en/gas-purification.html

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