Argon Recycling - making contaminated gas usable again

Ensure security of supply


Argon is an indispensable part of the manufacturing process not only in the field of semiconductor production. In metal production and processing, it serves as a protective gas. And it also plays a major role in the plasma arc melting process (PAM), among many other applications.

Emitting used process gas into the atmosphere can be avoided. The recovery of argon enables enormous cost savings while taking environmental protection into account. ReiCat’s Argon Recycling Plants perfectly fit into existing state-of-the-art central gas supply systems common in industrial productions.

The ReiCat Argon Recycling System stands out due to its long lifetime and its high reliability. It features a recovery rate of more than 90%. Its redundancy enables a  continuous gas supply, operates with a 24/7 remote data monitoring system, and guarantees a gas quality of > 5.0 (> 99.999%).

The advantages are apparent: While reducing the CO2 footprint, direct savings of operating costs within short amortization periods are achieved. No further words are needed.

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