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noble gas purification: argon purification for air separation

Argon purification for air separation

Most of us aren’t aware of it, but Argon encounters us daily through its use as a filling gas in lamps or in insulating glass panes. However, the largest amount of this noble gas is used as protective gas in many production processes. Argon is extracted by air separation plants. Here the air is broken down into its components argon, oxygen and nitrogen. In order to make these gases usable, they must be processed. The pictured argon purification system removes oxygen from 250 Nm³/h process gas and works with two dryers. As soon as one dryer has reached its specific load capacity, the system automatically switches to the regenerated dryer. Our gas purification systems are easy to integrate into existing gas supply concepts and are individually designed according to the amount of impurities. Learn more about the gas purification with ReiCat:

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