Achieve an eco-friendly Wafer Production with Argon Recycling Made in Germany

What are the advantages of an argon recycling plant from ReiCat?

Achieve an eco-friendly Wafer Production with Argon Recycling Made in Germany

Global demand for semiconductors will increase by almost 20% in 2021 alone. For power semiconductors, growth is even expected to triple by 2030. To counteract the burdens caused by existing supply bottlenecks, the European share of global semiconductor production is to be increased.

The manufacture of a wide range of products depends on a reliable supply chain with semiconductors. In addition to the electronics industry, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry as well as the production of important medical devices are affected. The great importance for all European industries goes hand in hand with this.

Silicon wafers are the most important component of semiconductors. The production of silicon ingots separates between monocrystalline and polycrystalline ingots. The production process of wafer manufacturing thus requires large amounts of argon. Usually, the used process gas is emitted into the atmosphere.

Thus, the recovery of argon not only enables enormous cost savings. At the same time, the issue of environmental protection is taken into account: a reduction of the CO2 footprint goes hand in hand with it. State-of-the-art in industrial production are central gas supply systems, thus also central argon recycling plants.

What are the features of a ReiCat Argon Recycling Unit?

The patented or for further patents announced ReiCat system works with two adsorbers. While one adsorber is in operation, the second adsorber is regenerating. The cycle time for our adsorber system ist 24 hours, the operation time (up time) is > 98 %.

After collecting the exhaust gas, oil and silicon dust are eliminated. Then carbon monoxide, water as moisture and oxygen will be eliminated by the ReiCat Catalytic Purification. The system operates with fully automatic control and thus offers maximum safety. Carbon dioxide and moisture are separated in the subsequent dryer and this process also takes place fully automatically with nearly zero losses. In the final step - cryogenic purification - nitrogen is eliminated if necessary. For cooling, cryogenic argon from the existing storage tanks is used, which are also available as back-up.

The achieved Argon recycling quality is supervised by online gas analysis. The system has integrated online analyzers for nitrogen, oxygen, moisture and hydrogren at the outlet ot the recycling system to verify and guarantee a gas quality of > 5.0 (99.999%).

Advantages and properties: maintenance and operation concept of the ReiCat Argon Recycling Units

• All rotating devices are executed redundant for uninterrupted gas supply during maintenance services.
• Redundant filter stations executed in a row and for uninterrupted gas supply.
• All other components as column, reactor, adsorber and valves are designed for 10 years uninterrupted operation.
• Online control via internet 24 h a day.
• Online support and process optimization via teamviewer®.
• Automatically switch over to liquid backup supply (Argon tank).
• Highest availability > 98%.

The ReiCat Argon Recycling System stands out due to its high life-time and extreme reliability. It features with a recovery rate of more than 90 %. Its redundancy offers continuos gas supply, operates fully automatic in 24/7 remote date monitoring with a gas quality of > 5.0 (> 99.999%).

The advantages are on hand: While protecting the environment and reducing the CO2 footprint, direct savings of operation costs within short amortization periods are achieved. No further words needed. 

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