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Increasing importance of hydrogen

We look back on vast experience in the field of hydrogen purification. The first picture shows a hydrogen purification plant with a capacity of 5600 Nm³/h. It already went into operation in 1985 and purifies H2 from chlorine electrolysis. As time goes by not only technical requirements are rising, capacities also increased. The second photo shows our H2 purification system with 10000 Nm³/h from 2005. Picture No. 3 shows a gas purification plant with a capacity of 16500 Nm³/h launched in 2014. All shown plants purify hydrogen from electrolysis. Take advantage of our know how: https://www.reicat.de/en/gas-purification.html

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CO2 purification now and then

Our gas purification systems were already used in industry at the earliest years of foundation: this CO2 purification system with a capacity of 600 Nm³/h went into operation in 1983. After removal of ethylene oxide CO2 in food grade quality was produced. Nowadays ReiCat’s CO2 purification units with larger scales produce carbon dioxide for e.g. mineral water. This system has a capacity of 3000 Nm³/h, beside methane, ethylene and ethylene oxide are removed. Curious? Gas Purification - Englisch (reicat.de)

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Support for Hesse application to bring hydrogen technology centre to Rhine-Main

ReiCat is happy to support the Hesse application for the proclaimed competition of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). It is about to bring the location of a technology and innovation centre hydrogen technology to the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. Find out more at: https://www.htai.de/Pressemitteilungen/36707.

The picture shows our dynamic hydrogen & oxygen purification solution for PtG applications (conversion of electricity from wind farms / solar fields to gas).

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