Gas Recycling / Recovery


To compete with the worldwide market, all possible savings must be used within a production. Beside cost reduction for power, water, fossil energy sources etc. there are also costs for technical gases which can be reduced.

To achieve this, gases for production processes such as Argon, Helium, Hydrogen among others need to be recycled / recovered. They have to be collected, purified and led back to the process again. The intelligent application of gas recycling / recovery processes allows the switch of pollutive wet-chemical processes to cost-effective processes.

This process is being implemented with great success for many years. The application is for rare gases or when big amounts of gases are needed. Basically, the concept of gas recycling / recovery is possible for all processes, where gas is contaminated.

The exact information of process and the operating parameter such as gas quality, amount, and pressure are needed for customizing the gas recycling / recovery process to requirements of a production process.

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  • Atomizer / Metal powder production (Argon)
  • High pressure gas quenching (Helium)
  • Sinter process (Argon / H2/Hydrogen)
  • PET-/PPT-Production (N2/Nitrogen, CO2/Carbon Dioxide)
  • Annealing furnace (H2, mixed gases)
  • Lighting bulb production (Xenon)
  • Solar-/photovoltaic industry(Argon)
  • Helium leak test facility (Helium)
  • Plasma Arc Melting Plants / PAM for Titanium (Helium)


  • Reduces gas consumption up to 98 %
  • Available right at point of use
  • Compact design, easy installation
  • Fully automatic operation
  • External communication and control possible
  • Low operation costs due to catalytic reaction
  • Short time of amortization

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