• Gas Purification
  • Biogas Treatment
  • Natural Gas Purification

Gas Purification


Gas purification units are able to convert technical gases to pure gases in a very cost effective way. To achieve the requested gas quality, different treatments may be combined. Methods such as catalytic oxidation, catalytic reduction, adsorption, absorption and / or different mechanical processes are applied.

Generally, applying only a single process is not sufficient to achieve the required quality. Only a combination of different processes leads to the appropriate result. To design a gas purification unit, all operating parameters such as gas quality at inlet and outlet, desired capacity and pressure must be defined exactly.

The fully developed unit assembly system is the key for your process.


CO2 / Carbon dioxide from natural or industrial sources is purified energy-efficient by means of catalytic oxidation. ReiCat permanently ensures highest quality (food grade quality) using additional purification steps, either upstream or downstream catalytic oxidation. That way this CO2 / carbon dioxide can be used by the beverage and soft drink industry, among others.


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  • Protective gas for thermo technical processes
  • Protective gas for semi conductor appliances
  • CO2/Carbon dioxide from natural or industrial resources
  • Rare gas purification in air separation units
  • Natural gas


  • High gas quality (> 5.0)
  • Available right at point of use
  • Many possibilities of application / industrial sectors
  • Compact construction and design
  • Easy installation
  • Fully automated operation
  • Remote control possible
  • Different processes can be combined
  • Low generation costs due to catalytic reaction
  • Short time of amortization


Biogas Purification

By means of catalytic and adsorptive procedures ReiCat can eliminate the following components

  • S compounds
  • O2
  • H2O
  • CO2

Biogas purification with pressurized washer

Purification of biogas for energetic use. Crude biogas contains a mixture of different gases.

A treatment and preparation into natural gas quality can take place for the use in block heating stations. Bio gas purification takes place by separation of the gases via pressurized washer. The purification in counter current flow by an adsorber dissolves the unwanted gases in a washing solution. The purified biogas has a methane content of 97-99% and therefore the quality of natural gas.

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ReiCat supplies purification systems for natural gas.

Components, which impede the use as fuel and raw material or pollute environment are removed. These include H2S, CO2, SO2, hydrocarbons (HC) and others. The total volume of harmful emissions has not to exceed 500 ppm.

As a rule the natural gas is dried before liquefaction, ReiCat offers drying systems for all necessary capacities. In few cases other contaminations can be eliminated, such as O2.

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