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Gas Mixing


Gas mixtures are widely used in industrial production processes e.g. as protective gases (N2/nitrogen, H2/hydrogen). When having high consumption rates, mixing takes place right at the point of use.

The dynamic adjustment of the mixing ration makes the big advantage. Gas mixing paths, fail-safe control systems and a fully developed safety concept are customized by our professional team to each personal need.

Until today, the flexible container concept of ReiCat has proven itself in the following versions:

Isolated and heated for low outdoor temperatures

Air-conditioned for high outdoor temperatures

The worldwide shipping and the assembly and integration into the existing gas supply concept are positively supported by the container concept. The ergonomic operation interface of the SPS in conjunction with different password protected user levels effectively avoid operating errors. They guarantee uninterruptible gas supply for many years.

The measurement of consumption and the online monitoring of the gas purity complete our concept. The amount of maintenance will be limited to a minimum by usage of high quality components. We offer maintenance contracts to our customers. A remote maintenance via data communication is possible.

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  • Glass industry
  • Metal industry


  • Variable location of container installation
  • Simple operation by touch panel or PCS (Process Control Unit)
  • High availability, efficient process
  • Dynamic mixer, accurate amount regulation
  • Accurate mixing ration by hydrogen analysis
  • Low maintenance costs, minimal maintenance effort
  • Long lifetime, durability of facility

Gas Production


A very common way for endogas generation is the catalytic reaction of an air-natural gas mixture at approximately 1,000 °C. The Endogas typically consists of 40 % N2/Nitrogen, 40 % H2/Hydrogen and 20 % Carbon Monoxide with traces of Carbon Dioxide and water.

It is mainly used in the hardening process of carbon steel e. g. in the automotive industry.

The innovative concept of process control as well as the hazop management was developed in cooperation with a leading automotive manufacturer and an international operating gas producer and fits to international laws and standards, e. g. ATEX standards.

The formation of soot during quenching the gas mixture downstream the catalytic reaction is a well known problem in endogas production. It is suppressed by effective water chiller reducing service costs and down times.

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  • Carburizing processes and hardening processes of carbon steel.


  • Reliable and steady composition of protective gases
  • Continuous monitoring by analysis control unit
  • Innovative safety concept and equipment according to EN 746-3
  • Uninterrupted supply of high gas quality
  • Well-tuned regulation of amount and composition of Endogas – also by an irregular decrease profile
  • Prevention of soot formation
  • Little maintenance and inspection times
  • Realisation according to ATEX

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