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ReiCat Catalysts for Coffee Roasting

Catalizzatori ReiCat – Speciale Caffè

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY and cost-efficient TECHNOLOGY that eliminates smoke Plumes AND ODOURS

During the coffee roasting process, harmful substances (VOCs, formaldehyde, NOx) arise mainly in the form of hydrocarbons (CxHy), which are dangerous for health and environment. 

Additional fumes and unpleasant odours occur during this process. 
With the ReiCat Catalyst the micro particles, odours, smoke, plumes and hydrocarbons are converted into harmless substances such as water vapour (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) by using a combination of techniques.

In recent years there has been a continuous increase of rules and regulations regarding atmospheric emissions for the coffee roasting process. This forces more and more companies operating in the coffee roasting sector to take measures for limiting atmospheric emissions.

ReiCat provides the necessary purification systems for coffee roasters (both small and medium scale companies up to internationally renowned companies) enhancing the elimination of smoke, plumes and odours complying with environmental legislation and significant energy savings.

ReiCat catalysts are suitable for all types of roasters (starting from 1 kg up to industrial scale 720 kg/batch) and are divided into two main categories (also see ReiCat product information):


The ReiCat Gourmet catalyst provides a compact solution for small and medium coffee roasters to eliminate odours and smoke plumes.

  • Suitable for roasters from 10 kg up to 60 kg per batch

Using the electrically powered catalyst ReiCatino® also smallest coffee roaster can eliminate smoke plumes and odours.

  • Suitable for roasters from 1 kg up to 20 kg per batch


The ReiCat Classic catalyst is designed for medium and large coffee roasters. ReiCat provides a system that allows companies to comply with the environmental limits and reduce the energy consumption.

  • Suitable for roasters from 90 kg up to 720 kg/batch



  • Reduction of operating temperature from 650-750°C (thermal incineration) to 380°C (catalytic incineration with ReiCat catalyst)
  • Drastic reduction of energy consumption (at least 50% less compared to thermal incineration)


  • Reduction of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) below the limit of 35 mg/Nm³ and Formaldehyde (< 15 mg/Nm³)
  • Complete removal of smoke plumes
  • Effective elimination of odours (... and so no more problems with the neighbours)

Our goal is to set new standards with the ReiCat catalytic system and to provide an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution to coffee roasters. Through our participation in the Italian Group of Coffee Roasters (Gruppo Italiano Torrefattori Caffè) and the membership in the German Coffee Association (Deutscher Kaffeeverband), ReiCat is in a great position to promote our catalysts with all the benefits for our international customers.

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