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ReiCat develops processes and constructs purification units for industrial customers to apply precious technical gases efficiently and to purify dangerous waste gases according to the legal regulations. Hereby, the catalyst forms the heart of each gas purification unit and catalytic incineration.


We see it as our responsibility to develop efficient systems with minimal energy consumption. Developing innovative products that distinguish themselves by being reliable and economical is our strength. Our economic and approved modular system can quickly produce individual solutions specific for our customer’s needs.


ReiCat combines catalyst and gas know-how. Based on our test and pilot plants, we continuously optimise our products in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability. We deliver according to the current codes and standards (DIN, EN, ASME, CHINA STAMP, GOST and many more) and offer worldwide engineering service.


With ReiCat, you too can plan for the future with regard to the treatment, purification and recycling of technical gases and waste gases, exhaust air purification or catalytic converter technology.

Our quality policy, certified according to ISO 9001:2015

The company has established a quality policy that is consistent with the company's purpose and context. This policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives in addition to the commitment to meet appropriate customer, regulatory and legal requirements and the commitment to continuous improvement of the management system.

Customer focus: As a company, we are committed to understanding current and future customer needs, meeting customer requirements and striving to exceed expectations.
Leadership: Management is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where employees can be involved in achieving goals.
Employee Engagement: As a company, we recognise that employees are the essence of a good company and their full involvement enables the use of their skills for the benefit of the company.
Process approach: As a company, we understand that a desired outcome can be achieved more effectively if activities and related resources are managed as a process or series of related processes. or as a series of related processes.
Improvement: The company is committed to continuously achieving and, where possible, improving all aspects of the MS. This is one of the main annual objectives.
Evidence-based decision-making: As a company, we are committed to only making decisions regarding our MS after an analysis of all relevant data and information has taken place.
Relationship Management: ReiCat GmbH recognises that relationships of a company with its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the capabilities of both parties and creates added value.

The company's policy includes meeting the requirements of all interested parties and social, environmental, charitable, regulatory and legal responsibilities.
The company has established quality objectives that are related to this policy. This policy is available to all interested parties, communicated and published through publications

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